LFB Research Grant in Immunology 2021









LFB Research Grant in Immunology is dedicated to enhance research and publications around immunoglobulins and Immune-mediated neuropathies or Immunodeficiencies. It aims to encourage young Health Care Providers  to submit proposals that would contribute to improve management of patients treated with immunoglobulins (Within IVIg Core SPC) and their quality of life.


The grant


  • The first LFB research Grant in Immunology is planned for 2021. Two prizes will be awarded:






  • The amount of the each award is 15000€. No product nor placebo are part of the award and could not be requested as a replacement for the award.


Eligibility Criteria


Young Health Care Providers (HCP), less than 45 years old, non-Professor, from predefined countries can apply with a project that fulfills the aim of the program:

  • Application modalities:
    •     Increase the awareness of Immunodeficiencies or Immune-mediated neuropathies in terms of diagnosis or patient management.   
    •      Improve overall quality of life of patients
    •      In patients treated with Intravenous Immunoglobulins
    •      Within country IVIg labels


Eligible countries:


  •     Austria
  •     Belgium
  •     France 
  •     Germany 
  •     Italy 
  •     Mexico 
  •     Spain 
  •     Switzerland 
  •     Turkey
  •     United Kingdon 




Submission modality

The submission file (In English) includes:


  1. Identity of the participant: Please fill the Curriculum Vitae document (2 pages maximum)
  2. Short description of the team
  3. A referencing letter from the Head of service as supporter of the project
  4. Publications list of the candidate/team in relation the research
  5. The candidate must indicate any conflict of interest, with one of the members of the Review Committee.
  6. Description of the project: (5 pages maximum)
    •      Rationale of the research and how it answer to the chosen unmet need
    •      Objective of the research and expected results
    •      Nature of the work and relevance of methodology
    •    Timelines and budget, feasibility, and difficulties to foresee: the project must not exceed 18 months (beginning  from the acceptation of the project by the review committee). Applicant must declare any other co-funding 

Review Committee

Projects fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the Grant Jury. An LFB Medical Staff member will be part of the jury as an observer.

Composition of The jury


For Immunodeficiencies projects



For Immune-mediated neuropathies projects


        Appraisal Criteria

        • The selection of future award winners will be made by the review committee
        • Each application will be scored based on:
          •      Originality of the project and his interest within the chosen unmet need: 0 to 15 points
          •      Relevance of the methodology: 0 to 15 points  
          •      Feasibility of the project within the timeline: 0 to 15 points
          •     Clinical/Medical impact: Validity of the expected results to contribute to increase disease awareness and or access to diagnosis, offer education or improve patient care: 0 to 15 points
          •      Experience of the team about the research: 0 to 10 points


        Award attribution

        The prices will be awarded to the winners during a scientific manifestations
        (congress or scientific meeting) to which they will be invited by LFB

        The date and place will be specified to the winners.


        General information

        • Opening date for applications:
          •      Immune-mediated neuropathies projects : 01 December 2020
          •      Immunodeficiencies projects: 01 December 2020
        • Deadline for application:
          •       Immune-mediated neuropathies projects : 1st May 2021
          •       Immunodeficiencies projects: 31 May 2021
        • Application modalities:
          •      Download and send all the requested documents (see below) to this adress : immunology.grant@lfb.fr 
          •      Connect directly to the website Equilybrium.com
        • Deadline for responding to candidates and laureates: 30 June 2021
        • For further information, please contact:




        Pharmacovigilance notice

        If the selected project includes any LFB IVIg brand.

        A pharmacovigilance notice will be mentioned to the applicant

        in order refer to the pharmacovigilance practice.